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In the Hausa Download’ Video Archive, you can find all the best Hausa videos from Kannywood and Engausa Hip-Hop, new and old for free

Buri Uku A Duniya (audio & video) by Aminu Ala

Buri Uku A Duniya (video) Mp4 34 MB Buri Uku A Duniya (audio) Mp3 7 MB

Arewa Angel (Official Video) by Ali Jita Featuring Rahma Sadau

Arewa Angel (video) Mp4 28 MB Download the Audio

Safna (audio & video) by Hamisu Breaker

Safna (video) Mp4 28 MB Safna (audio) Mp3 6 MB

Maman Yayana (Official audio & video) by Ismail M Umar

Maman Yayana (video) Mp4 26 MB Maman Yayana (audio) Mp3 5 MB

Bani Dama (audio & video) by TK Adamu Dorayi

Bani Dama (video) Mp4 28 MB Bani Dama (audio) Mp3 5 MB

Matawalle (Kwana 100) (audio & video) by Nazifi Asnanic

Matawalle (Kwana 100) (video) Mp4 39 MB Matawalle (Kwana 100) (audio) Mp3 6 MB

Zancena Remix (audio & video) by Khairat Abdullahi x Abdul D...

Zancena Remix (video) Mp4 20 MB Zancena Remix (audio) Mp3 4 MB

Dajin So (audio & video) by Hamisu Breaker

Dajin So (video) Mp4 27 MB Dajin So (audio) Mp3 5 MB

Nayi Dacen Masoyiya (audio & video) by Ahmad M Sadiq

Nayi Dacen Masoyiya (video) Mp4 22 MB Nayi Dacen Masoyiya (audio) Mp3 5 MB

Mazan Fama (official audio & video) by Ahmad Shanawa

Mazan Fama Major General Bulama Biu (video) Mp4 63 MB Mazan Fama Major General Bulama Biu (audio) Mp3 8 MB